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What does the project do?

The project aims to help any vulnerable, lonely and socially isolated people in need. For example it may be a person who is normally quite independent and does not need carers but sometimes may need some short-term help.

How can I offer to help?

Complete the online application form by clicking here.

Do I need transport?

We try whenever possible to allocate people who live locally and therefore within walking distance.

Would I be expected to provide personal care?

No, the good neighbour project does not provide personal care. We would signpost the person to another service.

Am I expected to respond every time I get a call?

No, if you are unable to help at that time or you do not feel comfortable with the task, you are not obliged to help.

Why should I get involved?

We all lead busy lives but if we can get into the habit of taking a few minutes each week just to look in on our neighbours, especially if they are older or less able, and make sure that they are well and not in need, we can make our town a better place.

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